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Done that.

I keep on looking at this blank age for so long. Typed. Stopped. Deleted. I don’t find myself blogging or ranting early morning. I love it when I rant out of the blue and even forget ranting about it. I am still in the state of confusion. It has been 6 days and I found nothing peculiar about the relationship. How odd. Srsly, I really do not know what to feel now and such. Hopeful still. 37 months? I am not sure really.

Posted 2 years ago

Kung may Time Machine daw….

Dahil sa pagbabackread, nakisulat na din ako.

Bagay na gusto kong balikan? Hmm. Madami na din kasi. Gusto ko ibalik nung time na dinala ko cellphone ng nany ko sa school dahil gusto ko lang mapansin. (Wala pa kasing cellphone lahat ng tao noon.) At dahil sa ganung time, napagalitan ako ng wala sa tamang lugar at oras. Pumunta ba naman sa school. Heehee.

Pero, seryoso na. Gusto ko balikan yung time na fourth year ako. Madami din kasi ako nasaktan that time. Madami din nakilala. Madmami naging ka M.U. Hindi ko din alam. Pero, mas isang tao ako na gusto ko. Pero, dahil sa “age” I stopped. I mean, We’re both 16. Pero siya 2nd year HS pa lang. Ako, 4th year na. Ayaw ko kasi ng ganon. Gusto ko mas matanda yung mapapangasawa ko. Siya yung tao, kinikilig ako kapag katext ko. Yung tao alam ko nandyan. Yung tao na alam kong magagawa niya lahat para sakin. Pero, malamang wala na yung taong yun kasi naman, ang arte-arte ko. Ayaw daw magkaboyfriend. Pero, may isang tao ako na inentertain. Nasaktan si Boy1. At nahulog ako sa ky Boy 2. As in lahat na lang ng kilos ko si Boy2. Hindi ko din alam kung bakit ko yun ginawa. Ewan ko talaga.

Oh well. matagal na din naman yun. And I am very much happy with someone today. He’s everything na din. Pero, sana di ko na lang nakilala si Boy 1, Boy 2, and every boys nung nakaraan. Heehee.

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Yesterday was our 913th day together. Nothing special. We just ate outside and played The Sims. We didn’t even together that long just because he has this coaching job to do around 4pm. Anyway, we were very full yesterday. We wanted to try this promo in a Japanese Restaurant. They call it Bento-Bento. An eat-all-you-can Japanese food costs P122.50 per head from 11am-3pm and 5pm-8pm Mondays to Saturdays From October 3-30,2011. (Actually, this was an extended promo)

We are the only couple whom I think doesn’t eat Japanese food. When I say Japanese Food, I refer to Sushi, Sashimi, and a lot to mention. But, yesterday, he finished 3 sets of 4pcs California Maki. That’s 12 pcs. I finished two cups of rice. Which is not good. Our money was worth it because we both order 4 Bentos for our 2hours stay. It was our first. We only paid P345.00 for 8 Bentos and 2 Bottomless iced tea. First time in Two years huh? :)

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I think, I need iPhone 4S after all. NEED!

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I have now the reason to start saving. I enrolled myself to EON Card or UnionBank. My first thoughts about getting this was all about Paypal. Second is all about how to purchase plane tickets. At least by now, I know I would be traveling around the Philippines from my savings. It has been quite sometime that I have money. But this is the first time I enrolled myself to a debit card. (Thank you to their services) NOW, I HAVE THE REASON TO SAVE. It has been 6 long months since I graduated. Six months I am unemployed. I am really thinking to apply to some but, I know you understand me. I have this feeling that I am not suitable for the job. It is not my thing. I don’t like call centers’ ambiance, I am not into office-ly type of work. I am either not wanting to see myself in a bank. I want to travel. I want to work in the field. I want to be an event organizer. I want to be my own boss. And this is not going to work for me. I have dreams. Married in the age of 27, Son on the age of 28. House and Lot or even a car when I reach 25. I want to put up a business. A business that would inspire me. Now, after all this time, I am quite sure I can’t do this. But, It doesn’t end here. I won’t end here. I am going to pursue this but to tweak some things too. I will someday SOON.


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I really need new haircut. SO BAAAAAAD! :(

Today? :D

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Three months away before the year ends. I am now, trying to plan some things out. Like traveling around the country. I need a stable job to do this. BUT, when I happen to find a job, I am pretty much sure I can’t travel most of the time. So, 2011 - 2012, be good to me. :D Please?

Posted 2 years ago

What would you feel?

My MOTHER added my BOYFRIEND as a family. Since the one approving needs to choose a relation, my BOYFRIEND, selected MOTHER-IN-LAW! This is AWKWARD!!!!! :)) Wattttttttaday!!!!

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You know who really follows you when you’re active. When you’re busy, they don’t hesitate to click unfollow button. Heehee. :”> Okaaaay.

Hello, Tumblr!

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Congratulations New RNs.

Parang nanalo din sa lotto pagnakapass ka. Hihi. :)

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