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Well, Hello!

Well, Hello!

Posted 2 years ago

Kung may Time Machine daw….

Dahil sa pagbabackread, nakisulat na din ako.

Bagay na gusto kong balikan? Hmm. Madami na din kasi. Gusto ko ibalik nung time na dinala ko cellphone ng nany ko sa school dahil gusto ko lang mapansin. (Wala pa kasing cellphone lahat ng tao noon.) At dahil sa ganung time, napagalitan ako ng wala sa tamang lugar at oras. Pumunta ba naman sa school. Heehee.

Pero, seryoso na. Gusto ko balikan yung time na fourth year ako. Madami din kasi ako nasaktan that time. Madami din nakilala. Madmami naging ka M.U. Hindi ko din alam. Pero, mas isang tao ako na gusto ko. Pero, dahil sa “age” I stopped. I mean, We’re both 16. Pero siya 2nd year HS pa lang. Ako, 4th year na. Ayaw ko kasi ng ganon. Gusto ko mas matanda yung mapapangasawa ko. Siya yung tao, kinikilig ako kapag katext ko. Yung tao alam ko nandyan. Yung tao na alam kong magagawa niya lahat para sakin. Pero, malamang wala na yung taong yun kasi naman, ang arte-arte ko. Ayaw daw magkaboyfriend. Pero, may isang tao ako na inentertain. Nasaktan si Boy1. At nahulog ako sa ky Boy 2. As in lahat na lang ng kilos ko si Boy2. Hindi ko din alam kung bakit ko yun ginawa. Ewan ko talaga.

Oh well. matagal na din naman yun. And I am very much happy with someone today. He’s everything na din. Pero, sana di ko na lang nakilala si Boy 1, Boy 2, and every boys nung nakaraan. Heehee.

Posted 2 years ago

My day in Bullets

Today was productive/unproductive day. Just because I am again the driver. :|

  • Woke up around 7:30 because mom went inside my cold room
  • Started surfing with net
  • watched Something Borrowed and 49days AGAIN.
  • Downloaded XMEN. Yes, I haven’t watch it yet.
  • Took a bath around 11:30.
  • Ate lunch.
  • Waited for my mom’s signal.
  • Fetched her in her office
  • Went to pick up pizzas.
  • Grocery.
  • Brought her back to her office.
  • Internet.
  • Heard my mom calling me
  • drive all the way to the market.
  • bought something for this week’s meals.
  • HOME.
  • Internet.

See how unproductive/productive I was?

Tomorrow, I have to get my Diploma from school. Buy some paint brushes again. And drive my mom and her friends to somewhere I do not know. :))

Posted 2 years ago

Did you know, My boyfriend for 2 years, never asked me out on a date. =) Or we don’t consider eating out as a date. LOL. :”>

Posted 2 years ago


The other day I was bored and started following a lot of people. When I say a lot, I mean, A LOT. Most of them post long texts, personal text. Which I want. I have learned a lot from reading their blogs. School stuffs, fashion stuffs, photography, their rants, boyfriend, family, friends, and etc. I can really say I can relate myself in their posts too. I don’t regret it too. :) I like how they start trending topics of the ’90s. I like how they share experiences and rant about how they either love or hate school or work.

Actually, this post was long. But, I decided to delete some parts. I don’t want to rant about something that people would misinterpret it. :\

I am still hoping to find myself employed by August. Can anyone help me? Do you know any ‘event management’ companies? Heehee :”> Irrelevant content. :)

Posted 2 years ago


Irrelevant, right? No it is not. I am thinking that I would stop reblogging and start text blogs. Personal blogs. I have been into this since I do not know when. But, I stopped because of school. I stopped during third year highschool. I am that person who would love to blab around papers. I have tons of them. But, just because I ended up very busy, I ended it too. Now, I must start thinking every single day topics to write on. Let’s start this August.

Goodbye, July. Hello, August. :) Please be good to me. :)

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Posted 2 years ago
I’ll be sleeping over here in the hospital. With my grandmother and her SP. :) Thank you, Globe Tattoo. Eventhough you’re soooooooooooooo slow. :(

I’ll be sleeping over here in the hospital. With my grandmother and her SP. :) Thank you, Globe Tattoo. Eventhough you’re soooooooooooooo slow. :(

Posted 2 years ago